Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sarah Outen rows the Indian Ocean

During today's Sunday morning paddle the topic of conversation was ex Rutland Canoe Club member Sarah Outen. She has just completed her solo row across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mauritius, the first woman to do so. Read about her adventure on her blog; wildlife, capsizes and crash landings!


The photo above was taken on a club sea kayak trip to Mull in June 2002. Club members remember her joy and enthusiam of being at sea.

Sarah is raising money for Arthritis Care and we urge anyone to support her by making a donation at her site at We hope soon to be helping to raise some money when Sarah returns to Rutland.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Kayak racing at the Special Olympics Leicester

Club members were involved in supporting the kayaking event of the Special Olympics Leicester 2009 held at Whitwell creek between 25th and 30th July.

Kitted out with baseball caps, polo shirt and cagoules we helped out by following the competitors down the course just in case they needed our support, in the worst case getting to a capsize until the safety boat was able to cross the lanes. Some competitors needed a short tow or to be able to hang onto another boat after the exertions of the race.

At the start of some races we had to hold the competitor's kayaks in line for a fair start. Most of the races were in tippy racing boats and some looked more comfortable than others. Certainly better than I would be! We couldn't keep up with the faster boats and stationed other boats half way down the course in case there was a problem.

Wednesday and Thursday saw no capsizes in the 500m races though wind made the finish line at the mouth of the creek a bit rough. Lunch was spent sheltering in the club hut from the heavy showers accompanied by a brood of hungry ducklings.

After the races on Thursday there was a medal ceremony with some exuberant celebrations and the odd acceptance speech! The volunteers all received a medal to say 'Thank you' for their efforts.

Thanks to Trev and Chris S. for organising the club volunteers; Paul, Ian, Yvonne, Chris B, Ben and Martin.

More photos on the club gallery and the SOL2009 photo gallery.

. . . . Ben