Saturday, 14 April 2018

Treasure Hunt - other things to do for non-paddlers

Whitwell has many activities available for non-paddlers and your car parking is included in the cost of the event.

Swim with inspire2tri | LINK  (paddlers could fit in a swim before the race) 

Sail, row, paddleboard, windsurf with Rutland Watersports | LINK 

AquaPark | LINK  (jump, slide and bounce around on inflatables) 

Cycle | LINK  (big shop + cycle the lake perimeter paths, cycle hire available) 

Climb the Rockblok climbing wall | LINK

Cruise on the Rutland Belle | LINK 

Walk and sit | LINK  (and people watch) 

Nature | LINK  (the ospreys are back and can be seen at RW Nature Reserve | LINK , Note : not at Whitwell )

Fish for the lake trout | LINK

Eat at the Harbour Cafe | LINK and Crafty Fox Cafe  

Barbecue - you can set up your own barbecue or use one of the sites along the lake shore

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Treasure Hunt - The trophies

These are the fabulous trophies we have on offer! Real gold (plastic), custom engraved (but not for us) on a genuine marble (might actually be true!) base. Purchased at great expense (in a charity shop). We gave them away last year but somehow they ended up back in the club hut. Maybe they didn't fit in with the winner's home decor. 

Could they grace your mantlepiece? (And need dusting for the next year.) Please, I'm fed up of looking at them!! :¬)

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The link to the 2018/19  Online Membership Renewal Form is on the Membership page on the Club's website - membership renewal couldn't be easier.

Please note that the Club's bank account recently changed to Lloyds Bank Plc (sort code 30-98-90, account number 17250868).  If you have the old bank account details setup for BACS (online banking etc), this should not be used and should be deleted / amended to reflect the current club bank account details.

Please contact the Membership Secretary (Andy Sutton) if there are any issues arising.