Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Barrow Loop Race – 11th December 2010

Judi really enjoyed the day and recommends the race to anybody who would like to try racing but has never done it before.

Great venue,a perfect distance of 3km for beginners - a worthwhile distance, but not totally exhausting! A variety of river scenery, bends, reed beds, wide stretches of water, a range of craft - even a coracle (made on a weekend course at the Boathouse Inn), and the friendliness of all involved.

waiting to start

The one minute interval between starters made you feel that you were not trailing behind the others, and then the thrill of actually catching up and overtaking another paddler.

lynette startline

The post race drink at The Boathouse (the finish of the race) when the section winners and  times were announced was a real surprise – with Rutland winning 3 of the categories! (Judi – senior short boats, Lynette – senior wavehoppers, Mike – senior long boats)

RCC winners

As an onlooker and supporter, Richard, (feeling under the weather on the day!) hopes to be on the water for the next race on January 15th.