Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Barrow Loop Race – 11th December 2010

Judi really enjoyed the day and recommends the race to anybody who would like to try racing but has never done it before.

Great venue,a perfect distance of 3km for beginners - a worthwhile distance, but not totally exhausting! A variety of river scenery, bends, reed beds, wide stretches of water, a range of craft - even a coracle (made on a weekend course at the Boathouse Inn), and the friendliness of all involved.

waiting to start

The one minute interval between starters made you feel that you were not trailing behind the others, and then the thrill of actually catching up and overtaking another paddler.

lynette startline

The post race drink at The Boathouse (the finish of the race) when the section winners and  times were announced was a real surprise – with Rutland winning 3 of the categories! (Judi – senior short boats, Lynette – senior wavehoppers, Mike – senior long boats)

RCC winners

As an onlooker and supporter, Richard, (feeling under the weather on the day!) hopes to be on the water for the next race on January 15th.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Medal at Nene Wild-water Race !

Congratulations to Lynette who took the Gold Medal in her class at the Nene Wild-water Race on Sunday.

Entering a club wavehopper on a beautiful October day, Lynette made two racing runs with her cumulative time winning the day. It was a fun day and we’d recommend it to other club members next time around.

The winning run -

Under starter’s orders:

Oct (16)

Taking the big drop:

Oct (8)

Working through the back straight:

Oct (11)

Crossing the finish line:

Oct (15)

Medal ceremony:

Oct (20)

The wavehopper was reported to handle well and to feel much more stable on moving water and was a delight to paddle – a very fun race and much easier than slalom!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Rutland Day 2010

The club had a display stand at the show today which was really well attended. As well as photos and leaflets about the club and a rather magnificent banner, there were a number of boats available for people to try out...and didn't they just.

A wide variety of people of all ages wriggled into buoyancy aids and had a go on the water - coming off, eyes sparkling, grinning from one side of their faces to the other and full of excitement for paddling.

Trevor, Jools and Richard were in their element and you were more likely to get a bone off a gnawing dog than prise Trevor from the double. Judith, Christine and Martin went more calmly about ensuring that everyone had a good time. Thank you to everyone who helped out and in particular to Martin for making it happen.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

RCC Matters - Autumn 2010

What a busy summer we've had - club trips, individual trips, barbecues and camping, raft races and trying out different boats. Much of what we got up to is revealed in this newsletter. . . .

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Orton Mere Slalom Practice

Many thanks to Graham for leading a keen group of slalom novices at Orton Mere on Sunday. Starting with basic moves we progressed to paddling down the course doing our best to negotiate funny coloured poles that kept getting in the way.

Aug (2)

Although opens were welcome, Jools tried his hand in a kayak.

Aug (28)

Our leader showing how it should be done!


Judi swaps crutches for paddle!

Aug (27)

Lynette battles her way through the white stuff.

Aug (29)

Richard in the big stuff!

Very enjoyable morning with everyone gaining in confidence and experience on moving water.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Menorca Sea Kayaking Trip

You may have read the short extract in Rutland Matters, but if you want to read the full uncensored version then click here.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Woodmill Sea Symposium

Two intrepid Club Members attended the Woodmill Sea Symposium near the Isle of Wight. This was the first sea-kayaking event held there and they hope to make it an annual feature.

It was very thoroughly organised with lots of different activities available from a VHF Radio Course through First Aid and Foundation Safety and Rescue to actual paddling !

Needless to say your reporters chose actual paddling and finished up leading one of the groups to the Needles.

Woodmill June 2010 (28)

This is a classic sea trip and we were blessed with excellent weather.

Woodmill June 2010 (31)

This was a good get together with BBQ and fire and is an ideal way of experiencing different aspects of sea kayaking - it is well worth considering for your diary next year.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

RCC Matters - Summer 2010

The first issue of the new club newsletter has been distributed by e-mail today. For those who don't use e-mail copies are available in the club hut.

It includes a diary of forthcoming events, trip reports from the Nene River and Doggy Paddle trips and the Menorca luxury expedition! RCC Matters - Summer 2010 is also available on this link.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

River Nene

The first of the regular club paddles away from Rutland was well supported with seven members braving the forecast as we set off from Wansford downstream.

May (127)

We made our way to Water Newton where Howard developed an interesting technique for getting out of his kayak. Not to be outdone Lynette showed us all how to 'wedge' a boat while seal launching after the break! Needless to say Rod, Barry and Pau all made it look very easy.

May (144)  May (139) May (137)

By now the sun was out and a fresh breeze made it 'interesting' for Jools in the open as we headed back upstream. The 'Wansford Flyer' made a perfect appearance as we came back under the railway bridge.

May (146)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Tales of Tutbury weir

Viv, Stewart, Matt, Ben (in open canoes), Mike, Lynette ( in a double kayak), Trevor and Christine (in single kayaks) took the opportunity to paddle 11 miles of the River Dove normally closed to kayakers. The event, expertly organised by Burton Canoe Club, takes place only once a year when landowners and anglers allow access. A minibus and club members cars were on hand to make the car shuttle easy.

After a briefing we launched just above Aston Bridge near Sudbury. The river meanders through open fields until we reached the first weir near Tutbury. Watching others take the weir there were different ways to tackle the drop. Kayakers could take the weir almost anywhere but canoes had to either find a narrow concrete channel in the featureless lip or take the fish ladder to river-left. Lining up using a tree trunk lodged upstream Ben and Matt took the channel (video above, please note it's not me wearing the pink helmet!). Trev and Christine dropped over the middle while Viv took the fish ladder. Mike and Lynette portaged around not wishing to damage their glassfibre.

Although it rained for much of the remaining miles and two furthur weirs a good time was had by all. The get out was just north of Burton after the Dove passes under the A38. Thanks to Trevor and Viv for organising.