Monday, 21 September 2009

Rescue skills session

Photo by Pau
Yesterday, while some paddlers went out on the main-body of Rutland Water, Viv, Pau, Rebecca and Ben practised a variety of rescues at Whitwell Creek.

The session started with a wet exit and swim back to the beach. So we started off pretty wet! Luckily the water isn't too cold at this time of year. This was followed by conventional X-rescues, roll-in/leg-over X-rescues, ladder rescues and scoop rescues.

Getting chilly by now we warmed up with a bit of exercise. Using an in-line tow we simulated the rescue of a pair of kayaks rafted together.

At the end of the session we had time to attempt a few rolls.

The weather was good for learning new techniques but not representative of the type of conditions in which someone is likely to get into trouble. Maybe next time we will have more wind to make things more challenging. Thinking of having another session in a months time. The water will definitely be colder!