Thursday, 2 October 2014

First Sea Trip - Oban

Andy writes;

"We were on Holiday about 15 years ago on Mull at the Singing Sands, near Kentra when we saw a couple in a double sea kayak come ashore and tootle up the beach to their car. I thought at the time how magical that looked and vowed that at some stage I would love to do the same."
The full story can be found here.

Monday, 21 July 2014

River Soar at Barrow - July 2014

Eight paddlers took a meandering route along and around the River Soar at Barrow.  It was a sunny, leisurely paddle allowing us to take our time and take in the sights where we normally race by oblivious.   We entered uncharted territory en route to Mount Sorrel – although we knew how the route started and  finished we weren’t sure what happened in the middle – as it turned out a mystery tour through reeds and tunnels, floating barges full of cross dressing party animals and a mega bumpy weir or two.

More photos here . . . .

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Denford to Oundle - 17/May/2014

We came (to Denford) and

we pootled and
we powered,

we portaged and
we cheated (. .  well, mostly we cheated),

we paddled under a blistering sun and
we glided over glistening pools,

we crashed and
we grounded,

we camped and
we picniced.

It was all right really.

Thanks to all; Ron and the girls, Mike, Lynette, Trevor, Christine, Richard, Judi, Ben, James and Vivien.

More photos here.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Paddling the Newark Loop

An eclectic mix of open canoe, sea kayak, five wavehoppers, two short boats,  and a tourer took to the water for the Newark loop on a fine day better than forecast.  It was an interesting  paddle taking in the sights of Newark – complete with castle, industrial heritage, pretty countryside and waving children.  We had to concentrate in parts to follow the current and anticipate the swirly bits.  Most elected to portage the first weir although James and Lynette chose to shoot it in a rather bumpy style, with James finding many rocks on which to wedge himself.

Ben managed to salvage a snail encrusted wheelbarrow which he loaded into his boat alongside the group’s helmets and packed lunches. It was hard work in places against the wind and current and Richard gallantly towed Ben and wheelbarrow to get past the worst of it. 

There were two or three capsizes at the weir, but Ken, Dom, Lynette & Richard had some successful rides;  Richard being so elated with his success that he turned straight back to face the weir again and promptly capsized.  James was as usual the first to throw himself headlong down the weir and Mike was expertly proficient with the throw line.

Thanks to all – Vivian, Judy, Steve, Ken, James, Mike, Dom, Ben, Lynette & Richard for a great paddle.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dove Tour 2014

Last Sunday 8 paddlers from RCC enjoyed a sunny paddle down the River Dove. The event, run by Burton Canoe club, allows access to this pretty stretch of river for one weekend only.

More photos can be found here.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Whitewater Racing - Barrow3 - 11/Jan/2014

From the following photos it looks like the weather was pretty sunny for a handful of paddlers from RCC who took part in the third wildwater or whitewater race near Barrow-Upon-Soar.

"Down River Racing is the purist form of Canoe and Kayak Racing in that the paddler is free to find their fastest route down a stretch of water, blending physical conditioning, skill and harmony with the river and their craft, against the clock"

 Much skill and harmony was on display when the physical conditioning came to be tested on the turbulent, swollen waters of the River Soar last Saturday!

Thanks to Dom for some great photos of our 'wildwater warriors', more of which can be found here.
Results can be found by clicking here