Monday, 26 March 2012

Racing News

Richard, Judi, Mike and Lynette joined the Sharks Canoe Club for the Hertford Wild Water Race, which took place on mostly flat water with a small weir. Thanks to the Sharks for the loan of Wavehoppers for Richard and Judi to race in. Participants ranged in ages from children to over seventies! A very friendly and enjoyable day with good results.



We also enjoyed the Derwent Classic WWR race in February which comprised 7km of (for us) challenging water with rocky rapids and fast currents. Lynette capsized on the practice run after colliding with a fast moving bridge pillar - she was unable to get out of the current quickly enough to avoid it - and with the help of Richard, just managed to get back in time for the start of the race. We all stayed upright and enjoyed the race proper however, despite a few bumps with rocks. A great experience and learning curve on a proper River Race.

James joined Trevor, Christine, Mike, Lynette, Judi and Richard for the final race of the Barrow Series and was pleased to win his first ever gold medal (not to mention the mug) to show off to his family, much to their merriment. As the Division B Wild Water results for the series were published, there were some good results for the Rutland paddlers, so well done everybody.

648 Soar ww race Feb 12 

Mike and Lynette also travelled up to the Burrs Country Park for a sprint race on the River Irwell. This is a very popular race on an interesting little natural river course comprising numerous small drops. A very pretty location and well worth the journey.



If any other club members are interested in joining us for future races please contact Lynette for details.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dove Paddle 2012 (or ‘up the creek without a paddle’)

Battling through driving snow we arrived at the start wondering what we had let ourselves in for – however the snow stopped and the weather improved as the day progressed.


We were soon on the water – Ben & Richard in an open, Lynette in her wavehopper, Mike, Judi and James in GPs. There was quite a flow on the river which was soon speeding us along towards the first weir while we enjoyed small rapids – and the odd shallow bit - along the way.


We all took the weir in our own inimitable fashions although it has to be said that Richard and Ben had the most interesting method heeled well over towards one side! James on the other hand uniquely shot over the steepest side of the weir more or less sideways!


After an early lunch we sped on to the next weir which we all shot at speed, although James then chose to try out his drysuit in the bubbly stuff below the weir! (He was apparently trying out his new edging technique in what he claimed was a rather unpredictable boat.) 


James got immense pleasure out of floating blissfully in the Nirvana like waters which he insisted were fantastically warm and relaxing, hence the rather long time taken to return him to his boat.



The final weir came and went with various members launching themselves blindly into the abyss! Then we arrived at the crux of the trip!!


As the river narrowed, the group was sped through with one of the paddlers being unceremoniously bundled into the trees by a large orange open canoe! To add interest James felt like another dip and while he was being recovered Lynette’s paddle came floating by. Ben gallantly went to return the paddle only to find it’s owner hanging from a tree! Shortly afterwards a red wavehopper floated past all on its own! Lynette was eventually recovered and with some assistance from another passing open canoe reunited with her boat which Judi had rescued.


We sped unscathed to the finish!

More photos can be found here.