Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Plea for Club Photos

Your Webmaster needs your help!

I am looking to update the photos on the Club website, however, am struggling to find recent photos of club activities and/or members that can be posted on the club's website pages. I seem to recall that there were lots of photos taken of Sunday paddles from the shore in 2016 but do not have access to them.

If you can help please contact me or email suitable photos to rcc.webmaster@outlook.com


Website Updates

Info from your club Webmaster:
- The Club's Calendar has been updated and made more accessible with a link on the menu area from most if not all RCC webpages. Members are invited to noted and keep free the dates for Bourne Outdoor Pool sessions Jun/Jul/Aug 17.
- There is a revised link to the Club's photo gallery; this is an archived area given that Google has shutdown Picasa Web Albums. Your Webmaster is working on a new method for uploading and sharing photos of club events, and will advise accordingly in a future Blog.