Monday, 24 January 2011

RCC Matters - Winter 2010

The summer turned into autumn and now we are mid-way through winter. Once again the snow and cold has returned with a vengence to Rutland but true to our reputation, none of this has stopped the members of Rutland Canoe Club having fun.

Check out tales of Mull, fireworks, ice and medals in the latest newsletter. And the Limpopo ALLIGATOR!!!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Team Rutland at Soar Valley Barrow Race


Richard, Judi, Trevor, Lynette and Mike enjoyed a windy, swirly exciting race alon g the River Soar on Saturday.  After a warm up paddle along the canal we started the race just below the maelstrom that had formed after the weir and soon had to limbo under a low bridge.

The river looked completely different to the last race a month before with water honking under the bridges and totally obscuring the picturesque reed beds we had to negotiate last time. The strong head wind made it difficult to get into a smooth rhythm whilst the fast current made some of the bends quite interesting!

Main body paddling is great stamina training and gives us a real edge in these races! We all came away with medals in our respective classes and would recommend these sort of events to other club members.