Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Paddling the Newark Loop

An eclectic mix of open canoe, sea kayak, five wavehoppers, two short boats,  and a tourer took to the water for the Newark loop on a fine day better than forecast.  It was an interesting  paddle taking in the sights of Newark – complete with castle, industrial heritage, pretty countryside and waving children.  We had to concentrate in parts to follow the current and anticipate the swirly bits.  Most elected to portage the first weir although James and Lynette chose to shoot it in a rather bumpy style, with James finding many rocks on which to wedge himself.

Ben managed to salvage a snail encrusted wheelbarrow which he loaded into his boat alongside the group’s helmets and packed lunches. It was hard work in places against the wind and current and Richard gallantly towed Ben and wheelbarrow to get past the worst of it. 

There were two or three capsizes at the weir, but Ken, Dom, Lynette & Richard had some successful rides;  Richard being so elated with his success that he turned straight back to face the weir again and promptly capsized.  James was as usual the first to throw himself headlong down the weir and Mike was expertly proficient with the throw line.

Thanks to all – Vivian, Judy, Steve, Ken, James, Mike, Dom, Ben, Lynette & Richard for a great paddle.


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