Saturday, 14 April 2018

Treasure Hunt - other things to do for non-paddlers

Whitwell has many activities available for non-paddlers and your car parking is included in the cost of the event.

Swim with inspire2tri | LINK  (paddlers could fit in a swim before the race) 

Sail, row, paddleboard, windsurf with Rutland Watersports | LINK 

AquaPark | LINK  (jump, slide and bounce around on inflatables) 

Cycle | LINK  (big shop + cycle the lake perimeter paths, cycle hire available) 

Climb the Rockblok climbing wall | LINK

Cruise on the Rutland Belle | LINK 

Walk and sit | LINK  (and people watch) 

Nature | LINK  (the ospreys are back and can be seen at RW Nature Reserve | LINK , Note : not at Whitwell )

Fish for the lake trout | LINK

Eat at the Harbour Cafe | LINK and Crafty Fox Cafe  

Barbecue - you can set up your own barbecue or use one of the sites along the lake shore

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