Monday, 4 June 2018

Treasure Hunt - 3rd June

Twenty-one paddlers took part in the race in groups of 3 or 4. A few paddlers even made an attempt at a pirate costume.

 The time limit this year was reduced to one hour and with a total distance of around 8km I didn't expect anyone to visit all the stations. However 2 groups came in under the time. 

One group used the advantage of paddling a double by putting one paddler ashore to find the station. There were tales of misbehaviour and competitors being involved in water fights with hand pumps.

We raised a very useful £148 towards Andy's crowd funding campaign | LINK . A shame we did not attract paddlers from other clubs. Most of the money will go towards the Nottingham Children's Hospital Appeal for an MRI unit. Please support if you can.

After the race Kevin led a trip across the lake to Normanton Church via the tower.

In the end the time penalties made the difference between first and second.

The results:

'Where's my kayak?"

Station attached to a lakeside tree.
The winners, including 'Pirate' Richard with his plastic scimitar! Arrrrgghh!
Having a break after the race.

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  1. Well done on organising another successful treasure hunt, Ben. I decided not to raise an official complaint as my team were well beaten and, well, pirates will be pirates. ☠☠☠